About us

Groovy is a colloquial or slang term that gained a following during the 1960s and was often associated with the counterculture of the time. It is more or less synonymous with words such as fashionable, excellent or surprising; in short, feeling good about oneself. This is how we think and work at Groovy. We want to dignify a piece of clothing that is often banalized or despised. We claim the t-shirt, an item of clothing that depends on what is printed on it, says a lot about the person, you can define your personal taste, defend your views, you can talk about music, movies, favorite shows, leisure, games... or your own design.

At Groovy we can customize t-shirts, sweatshirts, slippers and bags, all 100% cotton, with great print quality, large variety of colors and sizes, for all ages, styles and sizes.

GROOVY SHOP GALLERY is your personalized clothing store, visit us and order online.

Visita Virtual

You can take a virtual tour of our store. But we are waiting for you with open arms if you come to visit us, you will find us in the old quarter of Girona, where you can also enjoy and discover a magnificent environment.

For lovers of Game of Thrones, very close to our store there are various places where scenes from the 6th season where shot. Don't miss them!